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Welcome to  That’s Music on Spotify

It took 30 years and many thousands of hours to sample hundreds of thousands of songs and assemble only the very best recordings from the 20th century into premium playlists on Spotify. 

They are available to you by clicking the playlist associated Spotify Buttons below. Just choose the playlist that you would like to hear and click the logo button.

I am so glad that you are here. The That’s Music Collection has something for everyone with an excellent variety of music from every genre from the 20th century. There are options for any event from romance to country to classic rock and roll. From early jazz and big band sound to blues origins, and much more. More playlists featuring additional genres or different slices of the art are available on That’s Music on Spotify. Click on any of the playlists below to explore all playlists. One playlist, “The Very Best of All,” is an exquisite compilation of the most beautiful recordings from each of the available playlists. It is a fabulous musical tour through the 20th century.

We hope you will check it out. We know you will enjoy this carefully curated music.

To best enjoy these playlists, ensure that the shuffle icon is selected – “green” on Spotify.

All the best, from That’s Music

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That’s Music On Spotify