About That’s Music – Duplicate – [#27]

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About That’s Music – Duplicate – [#27]

Dedicated to the preserving the best music of the 20th century for future generations.

That’s Music hard cover is part 1 of a 3 part trilogy effort to help preserve the music of the 20th century. A 30 year dedicated effort involving an exhaustive study of all the genres from the first century of recorded music.

More than just a reference for young music fans and students, it tells the story of the rise of recorded music through the lives and experiences of our elite musicians.

Part 2 is the eBook which provides embedded Spotify links for interactive sampling of each of the nearly 1,500 song recommendations from our greatest 20th century artists.

Part 3 is an exquisite collection on Spotify with more than 20 playlists and genres so that young aficionados can immediately access this carefully curated music which might otherwise take them a lifetime to discover.

You can access the That’s Music profile on Spotify through the That’s Music On Spotify page link at the top of this website or directly through the following link;    


The That’s Music Collection contains a great percentage of the most beautiful music that has ever been recorded.

That’s Music is pleased to donate a portion of it’s proceeds to the Music Guild at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Dallas, Texas.

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